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LAPRAK GURUNG HILLS TREK – A unforgettable An Authentic Trek Lower Manaslu

An authentic trek in Lower Dharche Manaslu | A real trek in Lower Manaslu | original trek in the Manaslu region

  • Difficulty Level Easy

Trip Introduction

Laprak: Gurung Hills Trek – A Unforgettable An Authentic Trek

Shree Adventure offers you an original trek as it was practiced in the 80s/90s. You can start to imagine your trek, because it will truly be yours, accompanied of course by our team (guide and porters). We offers you a one-week expedition in the Laprak village region pockets! The trek will take place at an altitude of 3800m maximum and under tents. The region we will explore has no lodges or even residents. At this low altitude in the Himalayas, temperatures are mild, even in winter. You have complete freedom to choose your season! Are you already dreaming of a beautiful evening around a campfire? The summer sheep pastures will welcome your camp on beautiful grass which will complement your mattress… Your route can take you to the foot of Manaslu or Buddha Himal, also to the north of the Gorkha region.

You will surely have the chance to meet shepherds and talk with them, some farmers too. And, every day, you will have a very beautiful horizon: the Himalayan ranges!

 Great points of interest

  • Discover the real life of the Nepalese companion.
  • Visit Gurung villages such as Laprak, preserving authenticity
  • Cross the Dharche (3200m) and Rukang (3200m) passes, discovering the diversity of landscapes during the descent towards the Budigandaki valley and more summits such as the Annapurna range, Manaslu (8167m), Ganesh Himal (7200m)
  • Opt for a wilder experience by taking the trails as we did in the 80s/90s


  • DAY 01

    Departure for Gorkha – Gyampesal (1200m), 8/9h bus

    Departure by bus early in the morning to Gorkha following Gyampesal 170km drive, lunch in a small local restaurant in Gorkha. Our day continues to cross numerous Brahmin and Chhetri villages. On these lands, we grow millet, corn, oranges, potatoes…in the evening we camp near the village of Gyampesal

    • Accommodation: Under tent
    • Meal: Dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max Altitude: 1200m
  • DAY 02

    Ghayampesal –Thala (2000m), approximately 6h30 walk

    The path is mainly uphill with some descents. We will then pass through local villages inhabited by Magar, Gurung and Tamang ethnic groups, whose culture differs from that of the low-altitude Indo-Aryan populations (Brahmans, Chhetris, Damais and Sarkis).

    • Accommodation: Under tent
    • Meal: dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max : Altitude2000m
  • DAY 03

    Thala - Col du Darche (3200m) - Sambai (Nambai) (2900m),

    The path rises through rhododendron forests before taking us to the Col du Darché at 3200 meters. At this altitude, we contemplate a superb panorama of the Buddha Himal, Shringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, etc. Then we will go down to Sambai to spend the night in the middle of the forest, in the evening we will make the campfire

    • Accommodation:  Under tent
    • Meal: dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max:  Altitude2900m
  • DAY 04

    Sambai – Lamra Kharka (3000m),

    We walk along ridges and through rhododendron forests, discovering views of the peaks of Buddha Himal and Ganesh Himal. There will be no more villages, but only a few sheepfolds with animals and shepherds. The spectacle of the Darundi and Boudi-Gandaki valleys escaping on either side of the path beneath our shoes.

    • Accommodation:  Under tent
    • Meal: dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max : Altitude 3000m
  • DAY 05

    Lamra Kharka – Malpu Lek (3200m)

    We will continue our path along the ridge, in dense vegetation, we have the landscape opening without limit towards the majesty of different Himalayan peaks: Bauddha Himal, Siringi Himal and the Ganesh range in the East which is already far behind the Budigandaki valley. We discover medicinal plants in these areas.

    • Accommodation: Under tent
    • Meal: dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max:  Altitude3200m
  • Day 6

    Malpu Lek – Danche (3000m)

    We will continue our path along the mountainside, crossing sporadic vegetation of rare shrubs. The feeling of freshness and purity of the air testifies to the altitude reached. Along the way, we will pass several sheepfolds that house sheep and cattle during the monsoon. In the evening, in the heart of the Alpi jungle, we will set up camp for the night.

    • Accommodation: Under tent
    • Meal:dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max : Altitude3000m
  • DAY 07

    Danche - Rukang (3200m)

    Our trail takes us to Rukang, progressing along the ridge, through a dense forest of Himalayan fir trees, towards our objective: Rukang. Upon our arrival, the landscape suddenly opens up as far as the eye can see, offering majestic views of different peaks, creating an unforgettable enchantment. In clear weather we have the spectacular view that the Himalayas offer us, with the Annapurna range, Machhapuchre, Himal Chuli, Lamjung Himal, Siringi Himal and the Ganesh Himal range to the east, is truly grandiose .”

    • Accommodation: Under tent
    • Meal : dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max:  Altitude3200m
  • DAY 08

    Rukang - Machhikhola (900m)

    Privileged moments of intense communion with nature, to be satisfied with the grandiose spectacle of the Himalayan peaks, Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Himal Chuli, Lamjung Himal, Siringi Himal and the Ganesh Himal range in the east, are truly magnificent. A feeling of great freedom and serenity emanates from the purity of the crisp air at the top of the world. At the bottom, the Budigandaki valley.

    After breakfast, we descend gradually through vast expanses of rhododendrons, then through tropical vegetation until we arrive at the village of Singla. We will stop at Singla for lunch, then continue descending towards civilization, with the sound of horns and trucks. We will spend the night in Machhikhola at the lodge.

    • Accommodation: Lodge
    • Meal: dinner/breakfast/lunch
    • Max:  Altitude900m
  • DAY 09

    Machhekhola – Katmandu 7/8h

    Transfer to Kathmandu towards Arughat, we travel from Soti on a track with a long day of Nepalese road, be careful of the return to “civilization

End of Programme


Do you want to create a program yourself, want to go with family or friends on the dates you want? We are here to make your dream come true.


Cost Includes & Excludes

Cost Include

  • Transfer: Kathmandu/Ghyampesal and Machhikhola/kathmandu by reserved bus
  • During the trekking with full board in a tent (except cold drinks…)
  • All collective camping equipment (tents, mattresses, kitchen equipment, etc.), a cook and the services of a kitchen team, supervision of the trek by a qualified English-speaking guide / Sirdar, assistant guide depending on the number of sizes of group
  • All personal equipment of group members will be transported by ‘porters’
  • The confidence of the Nepalese team

Cost Non-Includes

  • Hotel and meals taken in Kathmandu. count around 10/15 € per day
  • Entry visa to Nepal (You can easily obtain a visa upon arrival in Nepal at Kathmandu airport)
  • International tickets. Entrance fees to historical sites and monuments in Kathmandu
  • All types of alcohol, cold drinks. Personal trekking equipment, travel and medical insurance as well as helicopter insurance in the event of emergency evacuation by rescue and personal expenses.
  • All other costs not mentioned in the ‘Price included’ section.
  • Tips

Glimpse of LAPRAK GURUNG HILLS TREK – A unforgettable An Authentic Trek Lower Manaslu

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