Mountain Biking

Biking is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights of our kingdom such as the ancient routes of Trans-Himalayan Traders and the rural village life of Nepal.

Here you will enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore such wonders as the Kathmandu Valley, the monuments or the temple complexes. Alternatively peddle at your own pace along some of the hidden trails to the rarely visited rural villages where you will see the warm smiles of locals living the preserved, traditional and simple life (on the verge of poverty, long forgotten in the post industrial cultures of the world), that is the style of Nepal.

Mountain Biking is possible all year round in Nepal, though you need to be aware of the seasons.

Monsoon:-Mid June to late September – Expect lots of rain and very humid and hot riding conditions with limited to no views of the Himalaya. Alas, if you are a mudlark, you will love riding in Nepal at this time of year. Lots of slippery muddy trails, river crossings and well….mud! Plus its green and very beautiful and the best time to get a good insight into the rural culture of Nepal.

Winter:- October to the end of January – Peak tourist seasons falls in these months. the weather will progressively get colder and colder. But it remains dry for the most part and sunny, clear days with light afternoon winds make for ideal riding conditions. The big bonus at this time of year is that you are almost always guaranteed mountain views and all tracks and trails will be more accessible once the monsoon has left. The day light also lessens as winter progresses limiting the distance you can cover in a day.

Spring/Summer: – February to May – A beautiful time of year in Nepal for greenery and wildflowers. The weather gets progressively hotter by May, before the monsoon can make riding tough and a very sweaty affair! The hot sun can be very intense around midday. Also there is some chance of rain and light showers.